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SlimCore Java

$20 for 6 Cups
Free Shipping
Basic Trial Pack: Get 6 for 1 cup a day. 

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$40 for 12 Cups
Free Shipping
Ultimate Trial Kit: Get 12 for 2 cups a day. 

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SlimCore Java



  • Stimulates Weight Loss

  • Boosts Metabolism

  • Controls Blood Sugar Levels

  • Sustains Energy Levels

  • Experience Better Clarity, Focus & Mood

  • Crushes Cravings



Proprietary Blend     2,000mg


INGREDIENTS: Dark Italian Roast Non-GMO Coffee, Chromemate®, Super Citrimax®, Guarana, Saffron, Citrus Aruantium, White Tea Extract, Lotus Leaf, DynamineTM, TeacrineTM, Lions Mane, Pea, L-Theanine, Green Coffee Bean.

SUGGESTED USE: Place packet of SLIMCORE JAVA into 4-6oz of hot water or mix in your own coffee. 

Want to lose weight real fast?

Drink a cup of SlimCore Java in the morning and drink another one in the afternoon for all day control and satisfaction.

SlimCore Java Weight Control Coffee 6 Day Xperience Trial Packs

The 6 Day Xperience SlimCore Java Weight Control Coffee Trial Pack is an excellent choice for those looking to explore the benefits of weight loss coffee. It provides a powerful cup of coffee that helps you feel in control, confident, and carefree throughout the day. Made with Dark Italian Roast non-GMO coffee beans, this blend offers a smooth and flavorful experience. You'll be pleasantly surprised by its taste, as it rivals any regular cup of coffee. Start your day off right with SLIMCORE JAVA and kickstart your weight control journey!
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cups for $20

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cups for $40

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