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Reading with Coffee
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is the perfect way to start your day! Made with Dark Italian Roast non-GMO coffee beans, this coffee is smooth and flavorful. You’ll never think you’re drinking anything but a great cup of coffee. And with its amazing taste, you’ll love starting your day with SLIMCORE JAVA


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Solside Coffee
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SLIMCORE JAVA WEIGHT CONTROL COFFEE is the perfect choice if you are looking for a   delicious, zero-calorie coffee that helps you lose weight up to 3x faster than diet and exercise alone! SLIMCORE JAVA is infused with two patented, clinically proven weight loss ingredients that help you achieve your goals faster. Start your day with a delicious cup of SLIMCORE JAVA and follow a sensible diet and exercise plan for maximum results.


  • Supports Weight Control

  • Boosts Metabolism

  • Controls Blood Sugar Levels

  • Sustains Energy Levels

  • Experience Better Clarity, Focus & Mood

  • Crushes Cravings

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​"I’ve drank my COFFEE for only 3 weeks & down 11# already! I love the appetite control, energy & focus! AND it tastes GREAT!!!"


"I have already lost 6 pounds and in just a couple of weeks!! I’m so excited with Summer coming as I also feel more energetic and focused! Thank you!"


"I want to keep drinking the coffee because it tastes so good...I can't believe this is actually helping me to feel fuller, have more energy and I've lost 6 dress sizes!"


​"My appetite and cravings are absolutely destroyed when I drink this coffee! I feel so good and I lost 6lbs the very first week and the inches are still coming off. I still drink it everyday because it works everyday and it tastes so good. Maintaining my weight  and not having hunger and craving unhealthy stuff is a huge win!"


"Everyday, my clothes feel bigger and I feel so good!!! All I have changed is I am drinking this coffee twice a day. 

There's nothing like finding a New Blend that not only contains the most powerful ingredients of any other blend, it's made in the USA!!This one is hard to keep on hand!"


"I felt amazing after drinking this coffee. I'm on day 6 ...lost 8.6 lbs…mental clarity, energy, I FEEL SO GOOD…I'm not craving snacks…my portions are so much smaller… so glad I found this product!"


"The coffee tastes great and I don't have my usual hunger or cravings. Normally I'd be snacking throughout the day and especially in the evening and that's totally gone - almost like a snap of my fingers."


"Lost 4 lbs in just a few days. I'm 68 years old me energy reducing the cravings and my 86-year-old mother loves it , drank it and went dancing." 

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Proprietary Blend     2,000mg

INGREDIENTS: Dark Italian Roast Non-GMO Coffee, Chromemate®, Super Citrimax®, Guarana, Saffron, Citrus Aruantium, White Tea Extract, Lotus Leaf, DynamineTM, TeacrineTM, Lions Mane, Pea, L-Theanine, Green Coffee Bean.

SUGGESTED USE: Place 1/2 scoop (1g) of SLIMCORE JAVA into 4-6oz of hot water. Work your way up to 1 level scoop (2g).  For best, we recommend you eat a sensible diet and exercise.

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